X Bar & Bistro

X is a memory, an idea, a project.

The inspiration, a hole in the wall in the 5th Arrandisement of Paris. Alaine & Brigitte served up honest and simple food that remains in my brain and calls to me from across the decades.

Danny in Paris at Bar de L’X

Bar de L’X sat on a little windy street behind the Panthéon. Years ago my cousin took me there, and it was very small, and very simple. They had all of two things on the menu — Duck Breast or Filet Mignon with or without Foie Gras. They had the most amazing griddled potatoes, and some cold appetizers like a smoked salmon plate or a piece of pate. It sounds almost too simplistic, but I found myself at that place on every subsequent trip. There was just something about it. In 2008, I took my wife (who was not yet my wife at the time) to Paris, and I dragged her down to this little windy street, talking up this couple and their spot the whole while, and when we got there, L’X was gone. I’m not sure exactly when it closed, but needless to say, it left a lasting impression on me and I always thought, one day I would love to recreate it.

So this is my nod to L’X. My nod to bistro. My nod to Paris and all of the wonderful meals, memories and little places that remain on both the left and right side of my mind. X is my translation.

Danny Brown

Chef Danny Brown opened X Bar | Bistro on Manhattan's Upper East Side in February of 2017. A re-interpretation of a small Parisian Bistro, Bar de L'X (now defunct), X focuses on modern interpretations of Classic French Bistro Cooking in a relaxed, intimate setting. The small menu selection changes monthly along with the wines by the glass. Prior to opening X Bar | Bistro, Danny’s first venture into a self-owned restaurant, Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen embodied a reinterpretation of the traditional European wine bar for a modern day audience. The effort was well-received, and would go on to garner him a prestigious Michelin Star for the 2011 Guidebook, the first Star awarded to a restaurant in the borough of Queens. Danny Brown continued to hone his culinary skills and has since earned a Star for his Wine Bar in the 2012 – 2015 Michelin guidebooks. In addition to the Michelin Guide, the Wine Bar also rated among the top in the borough in Zagat, with the most recent 2016 edition giving the restaurant a 26 for Food, 20 for Décor and 24 for Service. Danny Brown began his culinary career at the age of 19 at Bridgewater’s South Street Seaport Catering, a high-end catering company in New York. He was a member of the opening staff under Henry Meer at The Cub Room (Soho New York) in a front of the house role as dining room manager and wine buyer. He would eventually return to the kitchen after a six-year absence for the chance to work with the Cub Room’s chef de cuisine, Craig Sammuel. Danny would later join Samuel on a trip to stage in some of the top kitchens in Europe, including: L’esguard in Spain, Michel Rostang in Paris and Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Danny’s front of the house restaurant work also includes management positions at both Terrance Brennan’s Artisanal and Geoffrey Zacharian’s Town, both in New York City.

Hours of Operation


Tuesday – Thursday







316 East 84th Street
(between 1st & 2nd Avenue)
New York City, NY 10028